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What’s this project about?


The problem
Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU.
EU target of 20% energy savings b6y 2020 highlights the need of renovation in existing
buildings. This is a real opportunity for EU architects, as it can stimulate innovation and economy, BUT qualified professionals will be needed, to perform energy audits and design strategies for energy retrofitting on existing buildings.

The objectives
The project intends to match this perspective drafting a new professional profile by enriching the already recognized Energy Auditor with skills, competences and knowledge enabling Architects to become EUROPEAN ENERGY AUDITORS AND RENOVATORS.
The aim is to create a workforce of qualified professionals, whose skills are recognized and able to operate at EU level and contribute to achieve EU2020 objectives in terms of climate change and energy efficiency, as well as increase competitiveness.

The E-Learning Platform: first step of training
An online basic course will be delivered, open to all architects coming from partners regions.
The course is made of 4 modules, each splitted into different short lessons:
MODULE 1 – introduction to sustainable building renovation;
MODULE 2 – building physics – passive design;
MODULE 3 – building physics – active systems;
MODULE 4 – approaches to sustainable building renovation.

Mobility abroad: second step of training
Based on results achieved upon the first training part completion, 43 young architects will be selected to participate to a training activity abroad (in Rome, Turin, Prague and London).
The activity will last 5 days and will be focused on the analysis of identified case studies representing relevant examples of retrofitting.


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