IV edition. Starting date:   June 6 , 2014
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Sensitive SQUARE di  Óscar  Gutiérrez García  e Andi Vigani.  IN/ARCH M.A. D. “Master in Emerging Technologies” 2nd ed.

The Master will analyse the most advanced logics and tools of design against the backdrop of a context marked by the growing awareness of environmental issues and the social crisis tied to the forms of a global economy and metropolitan dwelling. Tools that permit a concerted effort, using forms and information, data and material systems, simultaneously evaluating form and environmental performance, energy dynamics and structural logics, evolutionary processes and design choices, based on the firm conviction that this new modus operandi will permit new synergies with the natural world, new forms of convergence between the built landscape and the living world to which we belong. 

The reference to the natural world and the methods of generation, growth and transformation of biological forms and complex systems, as part of evolutionary and emerging processes, represent the leading field of study in the search for an operating method that has no intention to renounce the specificity of architecture, context and the horizon of technical feasibility. 
On the contrary, the challenge offered by the Master is that of combining, in a unique process of design, the reading of a local context through the most advanced technologies of mapping, and the development of a design proposal based on the exploration of complex and emerging geometries, verified through digital fabrication and developed using processes of scripting (Rhinoceros+Grashopper+Galapagos+Python etc.). This is followed by the translation of this geometry into an interactive building model (Revit) and the elaboration of a strategy of communication using images, video and 3D web platforms (3D Studio Max+Vray, Adobe Premiere, After Effects).
The Master has the objective of training professionals in the conscious and autonomous management of this flow of processes, developing an individual language capable of effectively and innovatively responding to the problems and opportunities of designing for a contemporary world. 

The Master will be structured in a series of basic courses held throughout the semester (in Italian) and intensive design workshops (in Italian and English), for a total of 490 classroom hours. 

Basic Course ( 330 hours )   
Theory Maria Luisa Palumbo (40 hours)
Mapping Amleto Picerno Ceraso (30 hours)
Parametric and Generative Design Workshop_Rhinoceros + Grasshopper
Fernando Rial  (60 hours)
Scripting and Computational Geometry_Galapagos+Phython Dario Donato (30 hours) 
Parametric Building Modelling_Revit Massimo Campari (50 hours)
Rendering_3D Studio MAX Stefano Salvatore (40 hours)
Graphics and Animation_Adobe Photoshop+Premiere+After Effects
Vincenzo Mazza (40 hours)
Project Communication through Video Filippo Macelloni, Vincenzo Mazza, Stefano Salvatore (60 hours)

Workshop ( 120 hours )

The workshop will focus on the consequences of applying generative design to the physical reality of construction. Rather than examining the more extreme aspects of form-finding, the workshop will concentrate on the process of feedback between software and the characteristics of materials and considerations of context. 
The use of parametric and generative design software promotes a tendency to seek impossible forms that ignore the characteristics of available materials, and the social, cultural and economic aspects of the contexts in which a project is to be realised.   
On the contrary, the workshop will require participants to select a material to be studied and used to realise a project, from the outset. The workshop will begin with an element, similar to a seed that will generate a structure and produce a realistic final architectural result.   

2. Algorithmic Design & Bio-Morphologies Lab Marcella del Signore (40 hours)
[from the Greek bios, life and mimesis, imitation]. The emulation and imitation of natural forms, structures and systems whose efficiency and performance can be optimised. 
The workshop will examine the key principles of Biologic Systems and Algorithmic Design looking at the concept of Emergence in Architecture. 
The concept of bio-morphologies will be explored as the generation of forms in relation to the idea of performance through procedures of parametric generation. In particular, the workshop will focus on the study of systems of parametric growth and evolution, such as L-systems, cellular automata, self-organisation and other genetic algorithms.  
The concept of nature and evolutionary systems will be developed through dynamic simulations using Maya, concluding with the production of an animation of the Bio-Morphological system generated. This experimentation will conclude with a detailed analysis and successive modelling of a set of performative structures and forms.   

3. Material system & generative design lab  Fernando Rial (40 o-re)
paragen lab2.jpg
The workshop focuses on the building-project process on the basis of digital morpho-genesis, using advanced modeling software such as Rhinoceros, para-metric as Grasshopper, and also supported by a scripting language. The objective will be pursued by promoting research and exploration of the design process.

Laboratory by Carmelo Baglivo ( IAN+)

The course will be focused on the transformation of a building in the Ostiense district. As often happens in Rome, the area is a mix of ancient and modern city that here, however, did not find its own identity as the area’s feature is precisely the coexistence of different ones. The search for this new identity or image will be our target.

Course Structure
The Master will consist of a total of 2,400 hours, divided as follows:
n. 490 hours of classroom lessons
n. 110 hours of practical workshop exercises
n. 900 studio hours
n. 900 hour final apprenticeship (6 months)

Admission Requirements 

The Master is open to those holding a diploma in Architecture or Engineering (equivalent to the Italian Laurea). Candidates with other diplomas will be considered in the event of an affinity with the objectives of the Master.  
The minimum number of participants has been established at 10 students. Participants will be selected based on their curriculum and a first come first serve basis. 
While respecting the total number of course hours, IN/ARCH reserves the right to modify the structure of the programme, the list of teaching staff and the location of classes at its discretion.

Expressions of interest must be received no later than 21 April 2014, accompanied by a curriculum vitae, clearly indicating software skills and familiarity.  
Candidates must also submit a letter of presentation describing their motivations for participating in the Master. Priority will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.

IN/ARCH Study Grants 
IN/ARCH – Istituto Nazionale di Architettura will offer two study grants, each worth € 2,500.00, as partial coverage  of the registration fees. 
Candidates wishing to apply for these study grants must forward the following information via email to:
registration form, compiled in all of its parts
letter of presentation
curriculum vitae
ISEE form

Candidates will be selected based on:

Curriculum vitae
Motivation and character expressed during a personal interview

Interviews will be held at the headquarters of IN/ARCH in Viale Gorizia, 52 in Rome, Italy.

Registration and Special Conditions  
Registration, following the communication of acceptance received from IN/ARCH via email, must be completed by no later than 12 May 2014 by forwarding a receipt of payment of 50% of the registration fee to the organising secretary. The remaining 50% must be credited within 60 days of the commencement of the course. 

The fee for participation in the Master is € 6,100.00 (21% VAT included).

Registration fees are to be paid via bank draft to the following account: 

c/c n. 0009534 held by INARCH SERVIZI srl 
Credito Valtellinese, Via San Pio X, 6/10 Roma
IBAN: IT 59 N0521603229000000009534

The fee includes the cost of the 2014 IN/ARCH membership fee. Each student will receive an IN/ARCH membership card. 

Beatrice Fumarola 
Giulia Di Matteo ( for information on registration and study grants ). 
Caterina Rossi Marcelli

The relationship between students and Inarch Servizi will be regulated by a special contract to be signed prior to the beginning of the course lessons. A copy of the contract can be requested from the organising secretary. 

Special Conditions 
New IN/ARCH members who have paid the annual fee for 2014 are eligible for a 5% reduction on the cost of registration.
Existing IN/ARCH members who have renewed their membership for 2014 are eligible for a  10% reduction on the cost of registration.
Registration fees may be paid in instalments, as per the following calendar:
- € 1,000.00 upon registration, to be received by 12 May 2014

- € 1,000.00 by 26 June 2014 

- € 2,000.00 by 25 July 2014

- € 2,100.00 by 3 September 2014
The most promising young foreign graduates wishing to study in Italy and participate in the Master will be eligible for a 50% reduction in the course fee. 

Location and Organisation 
Courses will begin on Wednesday 30 October 2013 and conclude in May 2014. 16 or 24 hours of lessons will be held each week, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 8 hours per day, from 9:30/13:30 – 14:30/18:30, with the exception of the workshops, which will last one week, from Monday to Friday. A course calendar will be provided on the first day of lessons. All teaching activities will take place at the Istituto Nazionale di Architettura-IN/ARCH in Viale Gorizia 52, Rome, Italy. Each student will be provided with a personal computer for his/her exclusive use; when possible, the classroom will be available for use outside of normal lesson hours. 
The technical and economic management of the Master is curated by Inarch Servizi srl.

Students are obliged to attend 80% of the total course hours (teaching activities and apprenticeship). In the event of interruptions in the frequency of the lessons for reasons not imputable to IN/ARCH, students may attend course offered as part of successive Master programmes, when available. 

IN/ARCH M.A.D. Prize
Upon completion of the course, the best student, selected by the Teacher’s Council and Scientific and Didactic Committee, will be assigned the IN/ARCH Master in Digital Architecture Prize. The prize consists of a certificate of merit and the publication of the material produced during the course on the IN/ARCH website. 
The Prize will be awarded based on the results of the exercises performed during the Master and the evaluations of the teaching staff of the various modules. 
Students who fail to respect the minimum course hour requirement will not be eligible for consideration. 

At the end of the course lessons each student under the age of 35 will be assigned, based on their performance, curriculum and the results of an interview, will be awarded a 6 month apprenticeship with one of the following offices:
2A+P/A Rome; Carlo Ratti Associati Torino; Gomma Design Rome; JM Schivo Associati Rome; Corvino+Multari Milan; Gianluca Milesi Milan; MAAT Architettura Turin; Ma0 Rome; Alvisi Kirimoto Rome; Iotti+Pavarani Reggio Emilia; Granese Architecture & Design Studio Salerno;  Noiz/Architecture, Design & Planning Tokyo; Nabito Architects Barcelona; Laps Architecture Paris; Ola Wasilkowska.
IN/ARCH does not offer participating offices reimbursement of costs deriving from the apprenticeship programme.

The results of the Workshop of Synthesis will be presented and discussed on the final day of the Master, in to which all teaching staff will be invited. 
Diplomas will be awarded upon conclusion of the entire process to all students who meet the requirements of attendance. 

Istituto Nazionale di Architettura - IN/ARCH

Concept, Coordination and Management  
Maria Luisa Palumbo (scientific coordinator)
Massimo Campari (technical coordinator)
Beatrice Fumarola (general coordination)
Giulia Di Matteo (educational coordinator)
Gaia Pisanello (apprenticeship coordinator)

NB: This is a preliminary version of the Brief. IN/ARCH reserves the right to modify the dates, educational structure and teaching staff of the programme

application form:
by 21 April, 2014
enrollment within:
by 12 May, 2014
starting date:
June 6, 2014 
Progetti del Master IN/ARCH
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